7 oct 2010

Flow2 Kitchen

flow is a living kitchen where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship, processes flow into one another in a natural cycle

the flow products can be used independently but are far more effective when they work in concert as part of a larger system

Flow2 from Flow 2 on Vimeo.

by www.studiogorm.com/

this is the first post of a series about kitchens. I want to study processes at domestic/living environments and the kitchen has the property of being a system studied step by step... Can be this approach to another behaviour of the human being daily life has the same approach?

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DavidBorrallo dijo...

me encanta este concepto. Los tarros en forma de jardinera de barro me fascina. Y no sé si has caido en el detalle, que los platos se escurren para que el agua caiga en las plantas. Maravilloso (aunque ya sabemos que hay que usar poco jabón o las plantas morirán pronto). Me ha gustado mucho este diseño. Gracias por share with all us

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