21 oct 2010

The Cloud [Critical Journal Ep.02]

This week we have the oppotunity to talk with Benjamin Males. It is good to talk to people at this stage. Trying to explain to others what it is in your mind is a cleaning proccess and helps you to organize the chaos that goes inside your head. Again I have more than an speech word in my head: - Home - Technology - Processes We talked about virtual life. How the PLACE is not important anymore. We reached with this conclussion that the end of Second Life has been pharallel to the grow up of Facebook. This means that our vistual life has come to form part already from our first life. Avatar are not anymore a mimic of our selves... are our profile pictures. "We check online as we brush our teeth" B.Males

The cloud (as a technology concept) is more and more being real. Twitter connects to facebook, to Linkid to buzz, to the itunes... and suddely it is not neccessary to talk to people anymore.

Short stories by
J.B. Ballard Billenium and The Third World War, Neuromancer by William Gibson and Design Noir: The Secret of Electronic Objects

The faraday Chair by Dunne an Draby.
In a Cloud environmet we will need a comple issolatio

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