3 jul 2010

Pixelated, Pixelated... oh!

you are pixelated
pixelated, oh!
pixelated, pixelated
baby you are pixelated

This is was I was singing with the rhythm of Britney's "Womanizer", all the time while I was doing this competition for the new building for Central Saint Martins with my group: Jan Rose, Pearl Sun and Cera Macy.

Pixelated flor for Central Saint Martins King Cross new building

Plan of the building with the pixels

Graphic design for the signage of the different programs situated in the interior street of the building

Images of the model of the building with the pixelated floor, the containers and the student terminal

It was funny that a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the architecture studio which made this project: Stanton Williams. I was interviewed for a architecture possition in their office... sadly I had to say no because I am a MAID student.

Other examples of the use of pixels in design...

The spanish designer Cristian Zazunaga plays with the concept of pixels in different formats: fashion, furniture, textiles, interiors...

Barcelona – born, London-based he studied Typo / Graphic Design at the London College of Communciation followed by an MA in Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art in London. His final degree show was a collaboration with a menswear designer based on the pixel - the icon of our time - and Supermodern Architecture. Since 2004, Cristian Zuzunaga has been looking at the city as a metaphor, a living organism that evolves and changes in a way that reflects our own evolution.

More and more coloured small squares in the amazing video titled Pixels by Patrick Jean

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