29 jul 2010

I believe in...

Christofer Nolan....

my new religion, the genius of contemporary film-making, the god of the XXI century

Nolan was born in London, the son of an English father who worked as an advertising copywriter and an American mother who was a flight attendant.[2][3] He spent his childhood in both London and Chicago. Nolan found an interest in botany and "dicots" early on until he found his father's camera. He began film-making at the age of seven using his father's Super 8 camera and his toy action figures.[4] While living in Chicago as a child, he also made short films with future director and producerRoko Belic.

Nolan was educated at Haileybury College, an independent school at Hertford Heath in Hertfordshire, England, and later studied English literature at University College London while filming several short films in the college film society. The first, Tarantella, was shown in 1989 on Image Union, an independent film and video showcase featured on PBS. Another notable short film was called Doodlebug with Jeremy Theobald who later starred in Following.

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