4 jul 2010

Liquid email box

This project functions as a… whatever you’d like to call it… a “message” piece of work. I’m really tired of people copping out, calling everything they can’t explain a piece of “art,” so this isn’t art, its an Industrial Design Message piece.

You’ve got these tubes (irony) that fill with water, more and more depending on how many emails are coming at you. When you want to receive those emails, you loosen the valve a little bit, and bam, you get some of those emails. You can loosen it a little bit and let one or two through, or loosen it all the way and you’ll get them all.

What you do with the water, how you get it in the system, that’s not important to this bit of work. It’s what the system is doing that matters most.

More info in these two links:

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