30 jul 2010

Gucci Spring 2010

Why is out there so many blogs about fashion, style... if you go into the bloglovin' site the most popular post are hundreds and hundreds daily-look-type blogs with a copy cat of the same style in every post all the time... Recently fashion industry saw the impact of this sites in the society and they put them in the front raw of the cat walk... the industry is changing but I think that more than ever internet has popularized fashion and style. I remember me being young going to the first ZARA that was opened in my city and I was the only of my friends that was going shopping with his mother... nowadays teenagers have a sense of style dramatically elevated... and the reason is that is not anymore VOGUE who dictates what it is on or not... is the NET which says what is style in the XXI century... this fashion clones that we see in the streets have been created by this culture of one-day-look and this compulsive obsession of pretending to be different, original and alternative.

Brianboy next to the people most influential in the industry

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