31 oct 2012

Unless You Remove

Objects that acts for an action

by Luis Gómez-Barquín Lanne-Lenne

I am so proud to present the work from my very good friend Luis, that recently graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. His final master's project is based on our relationship with objects and how our interaction with them can affect our behavior. His designs talk about the physiology of habitat and its relation with the action of carving and getting rid off material. If you want to know more about his research, have a look at his thesis here, which is beautiful and worth seeing by the way.

One of the pieces that emerges from my thesis research is a chair that is not comfortable to sit down unless you remove matter from its volume. The chair originally is a pile out of wooden planks. The chair itself is virtually inside but it will appear when you take material out of the pile. Using your hands, break and remove some pieces from the planks to start to have a tiny place to sit. The volume generated will change with every removal action, and the chair will begin to appear as this action is performed, until all the excess of matter disappears, with a personal chair as a result.

© L_2xNe

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