28 oct 2012

A.M. Quattan Foundation

by Donaire Arquitectos

I am tremendously proud to say that a friend of mine, Pablo Baruc, who forms part of the team at Donaire Arquitectos has recently won an international competition to build a cultural centre at Ramallah, Palestine. And even more, proud and loud to say that they are a young practice from my hometown, Seville.

We imagine this landmark as a light up the mountain, seen from everywhere and although modern and contemporary in its form, it is built from the Palestinian very earth and stone. The future building will target an international audience with a contemporary language, but what it will deliver is the local vernacular and very particular qualities. As a building bound to the ground, it is designed to be in harmony with its physical setting, while taking advantage of the site´s features. The main body is conceived as a stone plinth carved in terraces out of the natural soil, enhancing the interior-exterior relation through the use of lattices and natural stone permeable screenings. This innovative and contemporary use of the local stone will be used to clad entirely a tall transparent volume seating on top of the plinth. This volume will therefore perform like a lighthouse, a glittering landmark on top of the hill.

images and text via ArchDaily

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