10 oct 2012

Hybrid Office

Designed by Edward Ogosta Architecture, the 6,000-square-foot (558 sq.ft.) warehouse space initially appears like any big white space with particle-board detailing. But the seemingly bland interior reveals a number of clever ideas, all designed to spark create ideas and encourage interaction as well as provide privacy.

Designed for a creative media agency of thirty workers, this office contains a menagerie of typological hybrids, which together engender a unique interior world.  Existing somewhere between furniture and architecture, these hybrid-objects infuse the office functions with new iconographic presence, and abstractly reference nature and the surrounding city.  Collectively, they foster an atmosphere of creative intensity, and embody the idiosyncratic spirit of the company.

Being able to create as many as custom items as possible in an interiors project shows the reliability on the designer from the client and the design potential and challenging professional commitment from the practice involved in the project to perform within high standards.

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