17 oct 2012

The Collection Graphic Identity

by Craig Sinnamon

Identity for a West London Restaurant. The idea is based on artist multiples, limited editions and signatures. The logo is the owner's handwriting  which was then edited electronically and given specified curve limits to  create a kind of synthetic signature. All of signage is created using  a series of A5 cards which are screen-printed while constantly adding different inks. A stamp system was also created based on an edition numbering system (0/00) where images can be mixed and matched to give  different hidden meanings.

Completed at Mind Design with Holger Jacobs

In a previous entry I shared with U The Collection, an interior develop by Design Research Studio. The design was developed within the collaboration of Craig Sinnamon in the studio Mind Design, but now he and an old colleague of mine from Tom Dixon Studio Andy Lang, they have joined forces to create their own company called Sinnamon Lang. A graphic design studio that with the sum up of these two talented professionals, I think I do not need to wish them any luck for the obviously successful future they have ahead.

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