23 ago 2012

Industrial Design from the A to the Z >>> Mm

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

When I was studying architecture I do not why but I forced myself to choose between "team" Le Corbusier or "team" Van der Rohe. As if some who likes french cheese can't drink German beer. Now that I am looking back I was impressed by the simplicity and beauty of Mies architecture and design. It was an obvious choice as still as my tutors kept saying to me that Le Corbu was the master of modern architecture I was not mature enough as a designer to realize that. 

However Mies was equally brilliant as an architect and as a designer. He created timeless pieces which relates with his clean and modernist concept in design. Using steel as the base for his designs and taking the advantages of the material, he knew how to work with them to create beautiful pieces.

Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Table


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