1 ene 2012

Trace of Shadow

By Kijtanes Kajornattanadesh

This project is to explore the meaning and implications of shadow in terms of how it can be used as an intangible.
How can I make something intangible become tangible?
Find ways of using shadow without the use of digital. Look for something in daily life; how can people use or benefit from shadows in their daily lives? Create a scenario to help design for the user experience. Create a functional product that can be used and is fully tangible.

To design a product with both form and function, which has been generated with reference to an image created by shadow. I will investigate the way in which the image of a shadow is formed, and then develop a real product based on the captured image.

I aim to make the viewer curious about nature and how the product becomes complete with the addition of shadow. The result will be an object that looks incomplete without shadow, but the shadow will form part of the product in a way that makes it complete and usable. To define the conclusion of my design, I will use information gained from research to analyse the objects, and create different types of products.

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