29 ene 2012


by Marco Monterzino

What is it?
The Ark of Many Voices is a sound system designed to stimulate thought. It is a symbolic object, a visible common element, an ideal, a materialized discipline.

Who is it for?
For people who feel empowered to gather and commit themselves to a protest.

Why am I doing this?
I am undertaking a further research effort. My aim is to to have a deeper understanding of what really is important to the people who protest.

Ethnographic research of a current case of social empowerment
Project description:

The design of the Ark of Many Voices is informed by the ethnographic research I have undertaken so far and it materialises the issues that my project is arguing. (...)
My final aim is to produce industrial design artifacts which address the issue of empowerment.

DIY Power Tool

It is by shaping the everyday little things that one can influence and contribute in shaping the larger scale of community and society.

I am very interested in see how this project is going to evolve. For more information visit his tumblr and MAID at CSM website

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