10 ene 2012

Curvaceous - Limburg curved asparagus

Nowadays we just see perfect vegetables on the market because the imperfect ones stay in the farm, although taste and quality are the same in both cases. The “de Poshoof” family farm just set up a Bed & Breakfast so they can give the delicious but “imperfect” curved asparagus to their guest inside a cozy and home-made package to have a snack during their visits around Maastricht; a package that the guests receive as a business present from the “de Poshoof” farm to be used afterward in their daily life as often as they want since it can be cleaned in the washing machine. By transferring the shape of the harvesting land into the package, the curved asparagus become more sculptural when they are faced to the straight lines and surfaces of the wrapping, a wrapping made out of two sewn layers -a polypropylene plastic foil as a dish and an organic cotton fabric as a napkin- to help people to re-discover again what nature really produces.

designed by Luis Gómez-Barquín Lanne-Lenne

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