1 mar 2011

Territory: Critical Journal Ep. 18

It was crucial at this point of the project to have a tutorial with Stephen Hayward. The journey what I have been throught this months has been like a roller coaster. After the talk with my mentor I was scared that the conection that I build between all my previous research and the design work that I am doing now was not that clear. But Stephen clarify the idea that my project is talking about attitude towards territory.

Paris Starbucks

Seville Starbucks

The movement from the context of the city to narrow it down until an object as a desk comes from imposing different imputs driven by technology and globalization. I have been doing a study of this Mc-spaces spread all over the world. As a reflection of how this spaces have become part of our inner concepts of home. Living rooms where we socialize in a more physical way but still they target the net user with free wifi for their costumers.

It is also interesting to highlight how the domestic typoslogy has been "integrated", pushed to the limit to fit into alien environment and no places like airports.

May be is not so crazy to think that one day Facebook will partner with this companies to make more evident this ubiquos domestic spaces, where virtual and real come together within a space so neautral that suits every type of user.

Bellow you can see an interesting video made by Davide Russo that talks about a concept that I was exploring as seeing the city as your home... local pubswould be your living room.

Pubs have always been synonymous with British culture yet since 2002 are closing at a rate of 52 a week. To solve this problem we researched the role that pubs used to play: A truly social and functional space for the community and antidote to mundane routine and home life. From this insight we found a way to take the pub back to what it used to be and connect the new generation with it. We organised an event and asked people to show up in comfortable clothes and bring something that they associate with their living room, and finally made this short film out of the event which is now running for the Clio Award.

Your local pub: Your second living room.

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