20 mar 2011

Critical Journal Ep. 19

Tutorial with Ralph Ball on mid March 2011 and with a new mentor: Jasper Startup

First off all I checked with Ralph my work in progress with the table. I made several 1:100 models to check the proportions and physicality of the project.

Later on I was told by the technicians to do a 1:1 quick test of the desk to check the angles and the stability of the design... I was scared of realizing that it was not working or even worst, that I was not happy at all with what I had worked on. But finally I was very happy with the result and proud I must say.

photo by Arum Kim

After my tutorial I was told by Ralph that for the complexity of making a table and the results that I would be able to get within 5 weeks was better to create a 1:4 scale model. At the end we are assessed on the design and not on what we are presenting as a 3D version of it eighter if it is a mock-up, a model or a prototype 1:1. However, I was told to make a very beautiful model.

I have to say that no matter the size of it if you want something to look great it takes more a less the same time :(

strike a pose for the camera babe! photo by Arum Kim

Soon I will show you the end of this month and a half of drawing and model making. But there is a second part to come that it is even more excited: the making of the prototype 1:1.

With Jasper I had to present the project again, but I have to be glad to form part of the V&A Showcase which help me this time with the video and Process presentation that I made to be able to explain my project in less than 10 min.

Was good to have a quick feedback because it makes me reafirm some of my concerns about the project like my position within technology vs home. He complained about the too many layers that the project has, I do not see it as a complexity that make it loose a purpose but what it is true that if the project is in the line of a minimalisim design, it has to aproach broader and more complex issues that make it be overlayered.

However he make the point on the cuztomization of the desk, that make it more complex and that he does not see the purpose of it. But as Stephen said to me in a previous turorial cuztomization is part of the context of the pbject as a home maker and a representation of each individual within a net-comunity. But it is true that he made the point of the importance of the sliding uper part to be able to be cuztomizable by the user with images or may be by the material like a blackboard.

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