19 nov 2010

Ralph tutorial 3th Nov. 2010 [Critical Journal Ep. 05]

That day I felt that the project is on the way. It is in a really early stage but I think that I am now able to set up the bases for the development of new ideas.

The aim of the project is to find new ways of living interaction in our home environments, by finding new processes driven by future issues and technology.

We all know that the population is increasing and that more than ever people are concentrated in cities. This situation will reach a point were structures and systems of urban space as we know it right now will change.

When facebook reached the 500 billion users, a reporter from the New York Times bring to the interview that she was doing to the creator and CEO of the company, the fact that they are the 3rd country with more population in the world.

The project draw the idea where digital world running parallel into the real world and how that affects our interaction through space.

There are many works that have been done looking at this area. The Rolling Society and the Mega House are examples were network facilities are used to create new relationship within the habitants within the city, creating communities arranged by the World Wide Web. Both cases talks about other issues causes by modern society way of living were the periods were people are “alone” are lasting longer. Young people delay more the point the live their parental protection to start a new family and opposite that elderly people live longer and they may stay alone. The improvement of the network for example, may help to get in contact people that for life circumstances they match together for a living experience.

In a future scenario were the fact of everyone has a property on his or her own as a way of life seems, after the recession were we are immerse, obsolete. As urban nomads, which are the objects that we will carry with us? What is the essence of the concept of a “home”? Which is the anchor that make us feel safe into this structure of an apparently no long lasting place to live?

There have been projects done about the architectural concept of a central unit living, which united to the free plan space unable the creation of multi purpose houses. But my idea is going more to a product concept (like a snail shell) although this object will create habitable spaces.

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