18 nov 2010

Narrative & Typology Seminar [Critical Journal Ep.04]

images taken by Him Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech

Today (October 27th) we have to present a typology were the narrative for our project was imposed. At the end my choice was the suitcase. I chose this one because I found and issue that goes quite well with the title of my project: New processes for living interaction.

I created two prototypes. One more conceptual was talking about my idea of creating spaces out of a single piece of furniture, or in this case an object. The other was more was more a final model but still is something that it has been done a lot or that I have seen many times doing my research.

Both are talking about the idea of humans living in overpopulated cities and being unable to have their own property anymore. The project is based in this future scenario where we will be nomads. As a snail we will have to carry or “home” with us to different places every time.

The biggest criticise was the material in which I was supposed to develop both project. They look like two normal trunks from the outside. The idea was to create this illusion of this strong typology that mutates into something else. I played with the concept of folding as a way to create spaces from a packed volume. But it seems that more than wood or a hard material this trunk should have been thought through the materiality of something made out of a strong flexible textile.

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