6 abr 2010

Recent iconic buildings, Ep.1

LINKED HYBRID by Steven Holl Architects

Beijing, China, 2003-2009

PROGRAM: 644 apartments, public green space, commercial zones, hotel, cinemateque, kindergarten, Montessori school, underground parking.
CLIENT: Modern Green Development Co., Ltd. Beijing
SIZE: 221,426 sm

"Steven Holl's Linked Hybrid complex offers an alternative model of residential developments - one that applies striking, Modern architecture to the age-old patterns of housing mixed with shopping, dining, education, and entertainment. Holl and his Beijing-based partner Li Hu made a concerted effort to open the 2.37-million-square-foot development to the surrounding area, welcoming nonresidents to its grassy perimeter and landscaped central plaza. And throughout the project, the architects employed an impressive set of sustainable design strategies, pointing this heavily polluted city in a new direction."
Architectural Record, Clifford Pearson, January 2010

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