13 abr 2010

"The Circle"

Yesterday I was searching through the web and I founded the studio who won one of the competitions that I did at Cruz y Ortiz.

«The Circle» is a vibrant 200,000-m2 complex that redefines the way a global audience is welcomed by a community of extraordinary service providers in many exciting growth segments. It is an oasis that offers many different user groups a diverse and appealing mix of upscale amenities in a stunning environment with a high level of urban lifestyle quality. It is a premium address for discerning individuals from all over the world, a destination in its own right.

The program was very complex with seven different departaments: Nature, Learn, Experience, Indulge, Transact, Linger and Achieve.

My work at Cruz y Ortiz was in the Achieve floors and on the top floor. It was a tedious job with small changes that affect the hole grid. I was tutorized by José Ortiz but with a controlled freedom at the end some of my drawings were in the final design.

The project was tittled TOP FLOOR.

The idea was to take the visitors from the airport to the center top of the buildind by tele-cabin and distribute them through a central spiral ramp that was stopping in the different levels. More over the program should be exchangeable per floor and the construction in fases of the building was planned with the form of the building.

The top floor gives the character to the Circle, it is a group of domes that resemble a cloud. From the point of view of a person the facade is very geometrical an simple to make the contrast with the siluette of the roof.

The winning project by Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop has to be applauded as it blends into the vegetation of the hill. The building literally fades into the landscape, both in volume and in plants, thus multiplying cross-sectional and overhead views to bring the green one on the back of the Circle at Zurich airport.

«Divers(c)ity» provides a framework for living diversity that attracts visitors and arouses their curiosity. The distinctiveness of the architecture with its clear expression of attributes such as «swiss», «cosmopolitan», and «surprising» give the vision of «The Circle» a fit-for-the-future personality.

To see all the other projects and more information click HERE

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