2 ene 2013

Sun Tunnels

Holt’s works of art often deal with issues of how people perceive time and space. The various monumental works she has created blend with and complement their environment. 

Sun Tunnels is located in the Great Basin Desert outside of the ghost town of Lucin, Utah. The work is a product of Holt’s interest in the great variation of intensity of the sun in the desert compared to the sun in the city. Holt searched for and found a site which was remote and empty.
"It is a very desolate area, but it is totally accessible, and it can be easily visited, making Sun Tunnels more accessible really than art in museums . . . A work like Sun Tunnels is always accessible . . . Eventually, as many people will see Sun Tunnels as would see many works in a city-in a museum anyway." 

seen at http://openhousebcn.wordpress.com/
text via wikipedia

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