16 oct 2011

Slow Domo Design

Moderating Technology

What will be the house of the future, influenced by technology and social networking? In this utopian celebration of the speed of techno-evolution, is it going to be a prescript need to slow down? 

I have been working on a future scenario where the city will be your home. With the development of social net software the inhabitants of the city will be able to live as nomads. Issues caused by overpopulation will be solved by the enhancement of community shared based.

This Utopian futuristic vision took me to a second reflection questioning our relationship with technology and the need to slow down.

The aim of this project is to address the imbalance and reposition our selves towards technology, reasserting balance by respecting boundaries. 

The object talks also about the psychology of home, as a place which main purpose has to be the creation of self. It is a positive dystopia built in the need to disconnect. To close the door to your 2.0 persona, who is going to be more and more integrated in our analogue life with ubiquitous and AmI technology.

Through the ritual of interacting either and around the table, you will be able to slow down and no longer see the laptop as a burden to hyper-connectivity and therefore create a new environment appropriate for reflection.

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