29 may 2011

Slow Domo PechaKucha format

1- This first slide is the MAP of my project. Represent a journey from extrinsic to intrinsic references. It can be seen as a story, a comedy between two concepts. And the object of design brings the equilibrium to them.

2- The start point of the project were theory and projects that talked about house in the second middle of the XX century. They are a futuristic vision and a a research in new ways of living interaction.

3- Frank Lloyd Right stated: " the heath is the philosophical centre of the house". During the post war, the radio and the TV revolutionized the domestic space taking the place of its predecessor as the point where the family gets together. Toyo Ito said " family nowadays is an assemble of individuals". Technology as being portable has decentralized the home habitat.

4- I approach technology from 2 points of view: One is the scientific point of view, studying its evolution and future, looking at Ambient Intelligence, utbiquos technology.

5- The other is from a sociological and cultural point of view. We live in the new era of telecommunications, we create a massive amount of data which artist are using as a way of expression of a new reality.

6- Facebook is the 3rd country with more habitants in the world. It is a community that enhance individuality and which is blurring the limits between public and private space.

7- The Internet and social networking are making the Metropolis more permeable. I have created a scenario in which interconnected services allows citizens to act as urban pilgrims or nomads.

8- An evolution of Facebook will help to create connections within the city in a sharing based community. It is a tool for the nomads to habitat the city which they treat as their own house. Where the local pub around the corner is your living room and your bedroom is a hotel flat.

9- Associated to this software appears a Virtual Storage Facility that creates a online profile of your objects. The psychology about home believes in objects as place makers. They bring memories in order to help to go through this constantly journey.

10- After the work in progress show I had a catharsis. After reading papers from anthropologist saying that this fast-forward utopia was true and that we are all cyborgs now. Despite the good things that technology may bring us, we have to be aware of the metal and physical danger of being always connected.

11- I appears the need to slow down, to close the door to our virtual world. Switching off by taking part into a ritual that will bring the balance to our relationship with technology.

12- I did a User Centre Research on how we interact with technology in our home environments. Also I was interested about the typology of the desk, an intruder from the office.

13- Having in mind the scenario I created I tried to erase the desk imaginary from my mind. Creating something completly new.

14- As I was working in the 1 to 1 scale test model and in the 1 to 4 model the desk become more and more simple.

15- The table is a main wood structure of 1.20 m long and by 150 x 185 mm section. With a system of exchangeable legs and an upper part which slides into the main structure and moves into all its length.

16- This slide shows some details of the table. The metal box that slides in the main beam and where the legs are screwed on.
The envelop consist on a plastic based material surface divided in 2. One that contains the light and the other one set up the surface to approach the tecnology with other purposes.

17- The customization was a key point if I wanted to create a domestic piece of furniture. Originally the project was made on veneered MDF and the reason why the metal box slide in the beam, is because I was ale to create a catalogue of legs.

18- The table shows two different moods to interact with it. First when the upper parts are up is a isolated space to be connected. When you lay everything down it changes your approach to the table in order to look at technology in a different way of interaction.

19- The ritual of closing the volume that will contain the laptop has been taken from the manilla envelopes. By doing the necessary movement to close and store the laptop, you ae slowing down, switching off and getting ready to do something else.

20- Images from the manufacture of the prototype.

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¿Presentando en Pecha Kucha?

Q2xRo dijo...

que va! simplemente fue un trial para el examen de la semana que viene

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