20 may 2011

Isabel Pradilla

it is a member of CSM Design Explorations

All these images are from here series Dream Catchers

The Future Amulets project explores the concept and apparent contradiction of technological developments giving birth to superstitious beliefs and devotions in our hight-tech everyday life.

The project looks to future social dynamics where technology and superstitions will interact and co-exist, and in time, transform each other; allowing half-believers to create a sense of control and to allay future techno fears.

Future Amulets is the journey of a superstitious time traveller of the future travelling back in time. He explores The Seventh Kingdom of life* , technology and collects amulets found on three different technological phases during his journey: digital voodoo,soul keepers and future dreamcatchers.

*technology as the Seventh Kingdom of life is a concept attributed to Kevin Kelly.

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