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Gaetano Pesce

The life of a genious resume in images, influences, works, tendences... this is how I make a presentation.

Pesce was the pioneer of [*] made a name for himself in the late 60s with his (1), which he designed for C&B Italia (now B&B Italia). It consists in seven sits made from [+] (at that time, a new and innovative material) that pop out of their packaging to take on rounded, anthropomorphic forms. Up made Pesce famous almost overnight and turned him into one of leading proponents of the [**], which opposed purely functional design. Pesce has always been more interested in an object’s meaning than in its [++]. He continues to comment ironically on the principles of [+++] by developing objects that are mass-produced yet not identical. He applied this principle as early as 1980, the polyurethane/resin armchairs from the (2). Each of the slightly amorphous chairs is unique, differing slightly from the others in its detailing. This principle is also incorporated in his (3) from the same year (both products for Cassina). The manufacture’s craftsmen were given free rein to decide on the design of the upper section of the table. Some of Pesce’s more recent designs have taken up this idea once again. His (4) is made from his favourite material, [++++], and is a further ironic comment on mass production and individuality. Each piece in the collection is unique.

He still succeeds in creating products that are innovative and contain an element of surprise, as in the (5), which incorporates springs in its frame, or the (6), which indeed resembles a closed umbrella and can be opened when required. His unconventional (7) felt has become a symbol of rebellious [***].

In 1980 Pesce moved to New York. (8) has recently become the mayor focus of his work.

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