15 jun 2010

Aware Laundry Lamp

AWARE Laundry Lamp is a combined drying rack and a lamp

AWARE Laundry Lamp is an attempt to combine positive symbols and activities such as hang-drying your clothes outside in the sun, with designing your own lampshade. Go even further, and make a statement with the kind of laundry you put on display. Through this feature, the design comments on the fact that 95 percent of the electricity used in a traditional light bulb is transferred to heat, and only 5 percent to light. Since the creation of AWARE Laundry Lamp, this type of matte lightbulb has been outlawed in the European Union and is not manufactured anymore. The design of the lamp encourages hang-drying instead of tumble-drying clothes, another alternative of drastically reducing electricity consumption on a large scale. Tumble dryers are one of the greatest consumers of electricity at home.

Project team: Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Erika Lundell, Jin Moen


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