4 ene 2010

Daniel Canogar

Many years ago I took part on a Summer course in El Puerto de Santa María organized by El Colegio de Arquitectos de Cádiz for students of architecture from Cádiz and Sevilla.

We were supposed to work inside a cave where militaries used to practice with bombs and weapons, but after one afternoon of introduction to the space we were not allowed to get into it anymore by the wards.

So Daniel has to improvise and we spend one week making art intalations in the streets of Jerez.

We make an intervention ina roundabout, in a ancient prision, in residual spaces, in a tenement building of a quarter of the city centre.

Recently has been ignagutated the work Travesias, a screen 33 metres long which represent all the experiences, barriers that people lived and have to brake in transition moments. It is places in the hall of the UE main building Justus Lipsius.
It is a tremendous honor to say that I experienced a worshop with this great artist who opened my mind, who help me to develop my speech and criteria about art in general.

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