2 ene 2010

Thought that Counts

Second Exhibition of MAID at NorthAndSothIdeas Gallery in 2009

photos by Him Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech

The exercise consists in making a gift that cost less than a pound and a A4 sheet which explains the process to make it.

We live in a world saturated with information and experiences. Sometimes we do not have time to calm down and think about ourselves. With our gift we are obliging the receiver to make this act of reflection. Write down your feelings as a therapy; collect interesting texts, photos, and news as a treasure. You have two options: pass it on to share your thoughts or keep it with you. The only way to open it is destroying it to feel relief of the negativity that it may contain or to see the treasures that contains. It depends on you which is the purpose of the filling box.

by Agnieszka and Curro

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