8 ago 2013

Camerino Valet Stand at Kickstarter

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Camerino helps to organise your daily possessions and can be used in any room or hallway in your home. The simple but iconic design sits happily in all different interiors. No complicated fixing is required and once assembled it just leans against the wall. Then if you need to move, it's easy to move with you.
Working on the design for Camerino, three things were really key for the product:
1. A practical piece of furniture designed to suit modern lifestyles
2. Made with traditional techniques from premium materials
3. An accessible price, made possible with e-commerce and crowdfunding

The traditional process of designing, developing, producing, distributing, marketing and selling a product involves a long chain of people and companies across the world.
This system drastically inflates the retail price, so our aim is to use Kickstarter to shorten the chain and bring the designer closer to the products owner, you. This way the price really reflects the quality of the product, rather than the costs of everyone else in between.

By helping my friends brose-fogale you will not only support new talent design but you will get for a very special price unique design pieces.

And if you really believe in their work you will get an exclusive limited edition of Camerino in copper or brass.

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