28 ago 2011

Natural Factory

Nature Factory is a new approach to manufacturing being a small scale mobile factory. It is able to with the help of the general public extract from its surroundings, the beach in this instance, raw resources to produce a mouldable material that can be used to make furniture for the beach.
In doing so it looks to question the culturally and contexturally specific way that we view materials. Why do we anthropomorphise and add emotive qualities to some? Categorising them into binary opposites, natural and artificial? As all materials are from the same source, the environment, why are some more emotive or valuable than others? If we were to once again link the source and the material, how would we perceive them?
Through linking the the provenance of materials to objects and demystifying the manufacturing process I am looking to reawaken a consciousness towards Nature and the environment.
This is further reinforced through the designed outcomes of this factory. This furniture forms a new continuous cycle with the environment. Fluctuating between the world of Man-made and Natural by responding to the ebbing and flowing of the tide.
VIDEO showing the process

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