6 dic 2009


Marvel does not stop and another movie it's comming for next year: Thor directed by Kenneth Branagh. If the headline stopped here may be not interesting but if we said that Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth play respectively Jane Foster and Thor. The film must have something else than visual effects. After Iron Man hollywood seems to invest more money in make this 100% enterteinment movies a quality and worth it product of cinema consumism.

Chris has been trainning a lot his arm since Start Treck to carry on with Thor hammer

Having Natalie in a movie guaranteed that the project at least must be interesting... her role in Closer is one of my favorites of all times and for sure will be remembered in the history of cinema of all time

There are no many pictures of
Chris Hemsworth in the net but for sure that in the next month we will have him everywhere... in the internet galaxy

Thor's helmet

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