10 oct 2009


If I have to talk about myself; if I have to talk about my past, present and future, more than ever we know that this will not be represented as a time line. When our ancients were looking at the stars and more recently when our scientist look at the DNA code of every single being from the earth we realize that we are connected in some way.

A very visual example realted with this idea are the social networks at the internet. There are applications that draws the relationships between your friends, the result is a net that seems to be a brain neurons system. This interconnections makes possible the cerebral activity. In creativity processes there are also interactions, mixing and taking from other fields help to generate new ideas and concepts.

For this reason when I talk about Seville the city where I was born, the Spanish culture; my architectural education in the modernism values and my personal taste; my past work and labour experience; everything would be connected in some way. They are factors of an equation which each one has their own importance. It may happen that my future work as a designer would have a close relationship for example with flamenco’s culture or with the architecture from the end of the XIX century. My aspirations whilst the course is to generate new connections. I want to increase my knowledge and use my background in architecture in order to create new points of view of current objects. But above all I want to continue with this tendency of mixing and joining functions in order to give an answer to the 21st century’s user needs.

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DavidBorrallo dijo...

Curro me ha encantado como te ha quedado, está chulísima. A ver si me puedes mandar los jpgs enteros que aquí se ven cortados, me encanta ir descubriendo la nebulosa de tu mundo a través del diseño gráfico. Un abrazote

Unknown dijo...


y vi miles de ojos... dijo...

que bien hablas niño!!! jajaja y dí que sí, raíces flamencorras que pa eso eres un Vargas!! Un besito internacional!

Anónimo dijo...

Qué bonito, no?
Ya se yo a quién pedirle HELP con cosillas de estas... jajaja

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