20 sept 2009

Scenary Alfar

Miguel Hernández, Esther López, Francisco José Domínguez, Juliane Potter y Ángel González win the Competition for the restoration of the Santa Ana's Ceramic Fabric, one of the typical places of Triana.

The other day I was looking for grasshopper tutorials... Actually I thought I have downloaded the program but I do not known how to run it in Rhino... Anyway I found this interesting proyect made by the architecture studio of one of the structural engineer teachers from the School of Architecture of Seville (ETSAS) where I studied. He participated in the volume 06 from PKNS, moreover I found it in the website of Arquitextonica who participated in PKN Sevilla v.07.

2 comentarios:

TheRainWillRemain dijo...

No se cómo he llegado a tu blog! Pero lo he estado viendo y me gustan mucho tus posts de arquitectura y diseño industrial, la verdad es que de arquitectura estoy algo verde jejej pero de diseño se un poco más y me ha gustado lo que publicas, te seguiré para ver lo nuevo!

Q2xRo dijo...

muchas gracias!

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