21 jun. 2010

Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2010 (part 2)

Grcic's 360º family brings a playful but rational edge to the potentially dull subject of office furniture. Each piece has a 360º usage and is softly finished in epoxy resin. The task chair looks challenging, with an unconventional stick seat. In fact, it can be sat on in several ways, making this a lot more versatile than a standard chair.

By Caroline Roux

Known for their work with fashion companies, musicians, etc. M/M (Paris) consistently create inventive and eye-catching graphic solutions (...) They created a visual language incorporating both photography and graphic elements that refelcts the emotive quality of Björks music (...) On the one hand complex , their designs is nonetheless a functional solution that provides an element of discovery.

By Zöe Ryan

Nendo reinterprets the traditional japanesse chochin lantern made of bamboo and paper, adopting blow moulding technology with a special kind of long-fibre non-woven fabric. The result is a seamless one-pice lantern.

By Francesca Picchi

What make the tiles stand up is his three dimensional quality, made possible by irregular forms which, when joined together, protrude form the wall. Made form wool, the flexible components are held together with an elemental yet easy-to-use system of rubber bands that not only works as a functional devise but also an aesthetic element. (...) Like much of the Bouroullecs' work, Clouds is designed to be at the service of the user.

By Zoë Ryan

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