4 jul. 2011


A Brand for experiencing and capturing a new design process
By Jy Yeon, Suh

How can materials inform and drive new, alternative foams of furniture using low tech production to enable easier transportations, distributions and creation and how to consumers involve in part of design process to give them design experiences and emotional attachment?

Brand ‘BOJAKI’ create new manufacturing process solutions for furniture and products to combat the negative side-effects of mass manufacturing regarding to production, consumption, transportation aspects while engaging consumers in new design, purchasing and experiences.

To reducing side effect of manufacturing process enable designed process outcomes to more efficiently and compact. The well tailored flat packed and folded fabric provided an access which allows user to produce the objects in home environment or making experience its brand retail store ‘BOKAKI’.

This new making system is simply understand to make and easy to alter through listen to users intents and needs.
This particular take on fabric and accessories materials which can be coustomised invites the user to interact with it, to play, to question, to be surprised and to enjoy while making process.

When people make the objects by themselves, the emotional attachment is between each other.
It is the process to look at how to objects made and feeling a pleasant when they are making that seek to investigate design, which appeal to human heart.

These pieces of furniture and lighting were designed not only as effective usability which is compact, rigid and light aspects that affected outcome here, but also as considering users intends to give them emotional satisfaction changes outcome.


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