5 jun. 2009

Very curious

This week I visited my grandmother. She lives with my aunt and they buy the ABC newspaper. Anyway the weekend extraordinary of last week was dedicated to architecture. The articles weren't interesting except one.

I don't know if its true but it is very interesting to think about the relationship between the tools we use to draw and the result of our creations.

Viewing this examples the realtionship is very clear.

Mr Richard Meier so traditional, with a pencil.

Rem Koolhass with a Red BIC pen!

Mr Campo Baeza create his beautiful drawings witha Pilot 0.4 black of course

May be Zaha Hadid has this case in her table... because she does not paint any more.

Sir Norman Foster use a propelling pencil

1 comentario:

ElOsoEstudioso dijo...

Genial! me ha encantado sobre todo los que usa Foster, que parecen extraídos de la bandera oso.

Otra cosa curiosa sería saber qué ordenadores tienen los arquitectos más prestigiosos.

Un abrazo!

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